Official Launch

3 weeks. Or 21 days; 168 hours; 10,080 minutes. However you calculate it, the completed Rebel Lion Gear website and RLG Shop will be here May 1, 2014
Fellow RebelLions, the time has come for you to step up and show your support, By donning RebelLionGear, your representing not just a brand but a state of mind. It's time to join the Rebellion.
We hear you. We are more than a tee shirt company. Every day we realize that we are plugged into a culture of musical roots, and there is something significant lacking in our day to day audio experience. RLG is actively conducting R&D on our own line of audio gear. Stay tuned.
RLG is in the process of refreshing it's gear. New T's, tanks, and much more is on the way. We love to hear what you think. We still love our legacy gear, and we want to see you in it. Snap a pic, and post it to social media and tag @rebelliongear. We love it when you love us.

REBEL LIONS CAN AND WILL NOT BE STOPPED! This pride is bigger than life!

Irie Alien