What we believe defines us. It impacts every decision we make, the way we structure our lives, the way we do business, the way we treat others, and so on. We here at RLG figure it’s a good idea for our fans to know what drives us. Call it a Mission Statement or Core Values, whatever you want, but it’s why we do what we do:

Mission Statement

To spread truth and unite a nation. To elevate the mind and awaken those who have been dazed by the system.

Company Overview

We believe in spreading truth and unity through music, clothing, gear, promotions, sponsorships in the reggae, hip-hop, and rock communities. We are not limited to those genres but that is our initial focus. Rebel lions going against what society says we should conform to.


We are a roots based company located in California, bringing a biblical, philosophical, and a musical state of mind, in the form of a REBELLION. The focus at this moment in time is to generate presence in abundance globally of the RLG brand, message, and movement through professional relationships we build directly with artists in the Reggae culture.

What are you selling?

Our foundational product will always be apparel including but not limited to T shirts, Ladies Tanks, Jackets, Patches, belt buckles, and jeans. We are also laying the ground work for the production several other peripheral RLG products that wouldn’t fall under the apparel category, per se.  We are actively engaged in the mixed martial arts community seeking an opportunity to introduce an MMA line of RLgear. We are engaging local musicians who are interested in RLG custom musical instruments such as drum sticks, guitar picks, and microphones. We offer exclusive graphic design and apparel production through RLG with our in-house signature artists. The product line is variable but all within the same message of our movement.

What can you do for me?

Keep Calm and Rebel On

Keep Calm and Rebel On

At the present time, we can offer mutually beneficial loyalty through all of our promotional avenues. What that means is, for artists, acts, or fighters that sign exclusive contracts with RLG, we will stand behind you as much as you stand behind us. We will promote your music, concert schedule, et cetera on our website and social media outlets with unabashed enthusiasm. We will provide you with first release promotional items (stickers, headphones, T-shirts, and whatever else our creative team conjures up), and solicit your feedback on research and development products. You are an important part of what we do, and the reason why we do it. RLG also offers its creative resources at little or no cost to its artists, acts, and fighters. While monetary support (which is most appealing to our up-and-coming artists) may currently be in limited supply, we pledge to grow and build together.


RLG shall remain true.